It’s one of the most common questions we hear at Adrenaline Allstars, most often asked near the start of the season when we have tryouts for the next year season.

So what exactly does D2 mean? And is it important (I mean, when you hear gyms say “we’re the only D1 gym in town…” should you pay attention?) D2 simply delineates size of gym. Reserved for gyms that are 125 athletes or less and limited to one physical location, D2 groups gyms of similar size to maximize fair competitiveness.

Let’s look at some history… Prior to 2015, there were two season-enders gyms could participate in – Worlds or Summit. While both great events, the challenge lies in that there was a recognizable opportunity to allow for small gyms across the country to build their gyms up while allowing for a competitive environment that simply wasn’t achieved by asking a 75-kid gym to compete with a 300-kid mega gym. Alas, Division II, D2, was created.

So what do you really want to know? You want to know “does it make a big difference whether I enroll my child in a D1 or D2 gym?” To answer that, let’s focus on the experience you’ll have with Adrenaline Allstars.

At Adrenaline Allstars, every coach will know your child’s name and interact with him/her to ensure success in the sport.

At Adrenaline Allstars, we focus on the gym, the team, the athlete – ensuring success across programs versus having a revolving door of athletes from which to pull and replace.

D2 is about gym size, and nothing else. If you’re looking for a program that allows your child to develop fitness, focus, and relationships in a fun and supervised space – and if you’re looking for a place to develop life skills – look no further.