In our recreational tumbling classes, the goal is to have fun and teach new skills. Whether you are working on your forward roll or trying to perfect your double full, our athletes are always encouraged to set and accomplish personal goals with the help of our highly experienced coaches. We perform monthly assessments and update parents regularly on their child’s progress. Once an athlete has mastered their particular skillset or class level, he or she can test out of their current class by performing all necessary skills. Those who test out of the skills receive a certificate, public recognition and the opportunity to select their next class. We love all of our tumblers no matter their skillset!


Tiny Tumblers

Tiny Tumblers is a recreational tumbling class specifically geared towards children ages 3-5. The Tiny Tumblers are always encouraged to work on new skills and try things they’ve never tried before. This is a one-hour class for your child to enjoy, with other children their age, in a fun and productive atmosphere.


Prepare your athlete for the next level of fitness and agility.

This is an introductory class to tumbling for athletes 6-18 years of age. No experience is required. Students will learn the basics of tumbling. Skills trained in a Beginner Class: Lunge Lever, Forward Rolls, Handstands, Cartwheels, & 10-second Bridges.


Provides a solid foundation in the basic skills needed to progress into more advanced tumbling.

Our Bronze class is designed to teach beginner skills to an athlete who has been in the gym already. Athletes in this class understand basic fundamentals and are ready to start perfecting those skills. Athletes will successfully master proper form and technique in the cartwheel, round off, handstand, and backbend, as well as walkovers and extension rolls.


In this class, your child will work on drills and spotted skills for limbers, back walkovers, and front walkovers. Must have a good back bend kick over. We’ll work at each child’s individual pace so they can progress in their walkover skills.


For students who are ready to learn a round-off back handspring and standing back handspring.

This class is designed to teach the proper technique of handsprings. This includes standing back handsprings, front handsprings, and round-off back handsprings. Students participating in the Silver class must have a solid foundation in basic tumbling. Students will successfully perform the round-off back handspring and standing back handspring, as well as gain a strong working knowledge of front handsprings. Each athlete will gain strength and power in their tumbling.


We are now introducing our newest tumbling class, Metallic! Based on demand, we decided to add an advanced back handspring class. This class is for athletes who have a standing back handspring, running round off back handspring, and a front handspring unassisted. In this class, athletes will work on multiple back handsprings from standing through running positions as well as connecting elite skills with multiple back handsprings. So, athletes are fully prepared when they move to Gold Class.


A great class to prepare students for solid running tumbling skills and series standing skills to help ready them for progressions through to more advanced elements.

This class is designed to teach the proper technique of a series of back handsprings. Students in this class have an intermediate knowledge of tumbling techniques and a strong understanding of handspring form and mechanics. Athletes in this class should already have a standing back handspring and a round-off back handspring without a spot, as well as a working front handspring without a spot. In this class, we will perfect these handspring skills and work to add a series of back handsprings both running and standing, and begin connecting advanced front tumbling skills to their round-off back handspring series.