Every new cheer season brings new goals and unique obstacles, but also new learning opportunities and accomplishments. Throughout my years of coaching I discovered that cheerleaders make greater strides in their stunting, tumbling and choreographed routines if they set goals for the new season.

We all know how critical focus is to any cheerleading peak performance, and the same is true in training and competitions. If you pin down one or several primary cheerleading resolutions, you’re empowering yourself to look back later and say, “Yes, I reached my goals!”

To setup specific cheerleading resolutions, you must first determine the goals you want to strive for. What was lacking the previous season? What do you want to bring into the new cheer season performances? What personal skills do you want to strengthen or achieve? Any cheer team qualities do you want to enhance? A particular stunting or tumbling technique you want to perfect?

Once you’ve got a list, don’t let yourself be overwhelmed by trying to accomplish everything at once. That’s actually one of the big reasons people tend to give up on their goals—they try to do too much, get exhausted or discouraged, and give up.


Instead, give yourself one main goal a month. Take each cheerleading resolution and dedicate 30 days to it. Not only will this let you focus like you need to, but it gives you enough time for the resolution to become a habit. So, by the time you move on to the next resolution, the previous one is an embedded part of your routine. Like second nature.

Next, give yourself a visual reminder of the goals you’re establishing by creating a vision board. Go to Pinterest and find things that are relevant to your resolution. Then make a vision board on your phone backdrop, so you can see it on a daily basis and let it serve as encouragement to keep pushing forward.

What are your cheerleading goals and resolutions for 2019-20?