Semi-Private Lessons

Semi-Private Lessons For All Levels

Semi-Private Class offers an opportunity for athletes to receive personalized attention and guidance in a small group setting. With a coach-to-athlete ratio of 2:1, these lessons ensure that each athlete receives focused instruction.

Each class is 30 minutes long, allowing for concentrated work on specific skills. Whether it’s perfecting a technique, improving strength and conditioning, or refining a particular skill of tumbling, these lessons provide targeted skill development.

To maintain the quality of instruction, each class has only two openings. This limited capacity ensures that the coach can give ample attention to each athlete, addressing their individual needs and goals effectively.

For more advanced classes, certain prerequisite skills may be required. This ensures that athletes are placed in the appropriate level of instruction.

To make the most of the lesson time, it is recommended that athletes arrive 10 minutes early to stretch on their own. This allows them to warm up and prepare their bodies for the upcoming training session, maximizing the benefits of the lesson.

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