As the 2019 holiday season winds down, we begin thinking about the New Year and all that is in store for us. Naturally, as we close out one year and open another we reflect on the past year and how we are going to make the coming year even better: how we are going to lose that weight, earn that money, get that thing, spend more time with family…and the list goes on. And of course, we call these New Year resolutions. But, what is your mindset as you make these grand plans? Is it hopeful and wishful? Is it discouraged? Is it determined?

The running joke year after year seems to be resolutions and how quickly they come to an end. Studies show that only 25% of resolutions stick for more than 30 days, and only 8% of resolution makers accomplish their goals. Why is this? Mindset. More often than not, a mindset determines whether or not you will sustain your resolution. Truthfully, with the wrong mindset, many resolutions are lost before the New Year is even set in motion.

Let’s anchor a positive mindset so we can see success in our health goals in 2020! Whether you’re feeling excited or maybe a bit overwhelmed (or maybe both!) with the New Year, you can take steps in your resolution picking process to help you choose something that will stick. Here are a few tips and tricks to use along the way.

REFLECT – Take time to reflect on 2019. What did you enjoy, what did you not like so much? Were there times that you felt really great, healthy, and well? Were there times that you felt poorly? What caused these rough patches? Acknowledging the good and the bad is an important practice of self-evaluation and can help you to continue growing. A good resolution should be based on nurturing and building on good practices and recognizing and purging negative practices.

BE REALISTIC – Pick something that will challenge you, but will also be achievable for you. You want to feel motivated, not overwhelmed. That fine line between feeling like you have chosen an accomplishable goal and having a huge goal that is going to take at least 40 hours a week to accomplish can make you break under the pressure of your own design. In other words, feeling overwhelmed with your resolution can stop motivation in its tracks. Being honest about what you truly want and what is achievable with the time you have will help you to reach your goals.

OUTLINE YOUR PLAN – The best resolutions and goals come with a plan; how else would you expect to accomplish them? That last thing you want to do is go into the New Year completely blind, rather give yourself a heads up for what you’re expecting for the coming year. Yes, year, the whole thing. Here’s how: Create a broad plan for the entire year and your goals that you can return to for guidelines throughout the months. Once you have your outline, use the 3 to 5 Rule to help you to work through your plan by answering the following question: What do I need to do in the next 3 to 5 months, weeks, days, and minutes to stick to my resolution and reach my goals?

TRACK YOUR PROGRESS – With a plan set out for the year, you can keep track of your progress and make sure you’re moving closer to your goal. If you stray away, you will know where you fell off and can hop right back on track. Having the plan that breaks the ultimate goal into smaller pieces allows you to visualize success, step by step.

REWARD YOURSELF – When you reach a goal or a milestone in your journey, go ahead and reward yourself! This might be a pat on the back or a new piece of workout gear, it just needs to be something that you will look forward to. It might not be on the timeline exactly, but as long as the goal is met, make sure you stay proud of yourself for continuing to strive.

STAY POSITIVE – It can be very easy to fall into a negative mentality, especially when things don’t go according to plan. The most important thing is to roll with the punches! Life can get messy and is full of surprises, you will find side steps and hurdles to jump from time to time. Just remember, one foot in front of the other will get you to your destination. Being behind or missing a day is better than giving up! You will reach your goals.

GROW – Take real time to sit down and meditate on what ways you want to grow. GROW resolutions can be based on mental, physical, or emotional health. Life is based on constant growth, otherwise, we become stagnant. Create a plan with set goals to accomplish a GROW goal. While you are striving, exercise your gratitude and mindfulness to remain positive during your times of growth.

With all these ideas in mind, you can choose a New Year’s resolution made specifically for you, your goals, and your timeline. This resolution you are going to draft is not based on a pipedream or a lost cause, but on achievable steps that will lead you to a healthier and happier you!

No matter what your resolution is, the most important part is your mentality towards growth and change. Following the tips above will help you to stay positive and forward-looking as 2020 becomes a reality. Be confident that you are choosing what you need for yourself this year.