I always tell my kids, “The first team you were ever on was our family.” Now, I’ll admit, “family” looks different for everyone, but that statement holds true regardless. The first team a person is on is the one comprised of their family members – it’s a group of people aligned in a set of values that work together. The morale of those couple sentiments is that we are, literally, on a team from the day we’re born.

Teamwork makes the dream work.

Your dream… whatever that may be… winning Summit, getting A’s in school, building a successful business, graduating college, having a happy family… is so much more attainable through strong and collaborative teamwork.

Being on a team, whether 2 people or 20, strengthens every facet of working toward a goal. It’s multiplied brain power, physical strength, emotional intelligence, and caring support. The multiplicity of these critical components to pursuing any goal drives the collective so much farther than the efforts of one.

Let’s apply the theory – in every offering at Adrenaline Athletics, we’ve been able to prove that teamwork leads to more successful outcomes. When athletes, staff members and parents team up, they create a dynamic that allows for success, even in the face of a loss. When a ninja doesn’t make it up the salmon ladder, he still feels the success of trying and the warmth of being cheered on by his coaches and peers. When a tumbler accomplishes a new skill, it’s through the combination of self-dedication and experienced coaching. When a cheerleader nails a routine, the first thing they do is hug a teammate who helped make success possible.

From beginning to end, being a member of a team is a part of life that makes living, working, and pushing ourselves toward greatness that much sweeter. Talent wins games, but teamwork wins championships!