Here at Adrenaline Athletics, we’ve posted our fair share of content that focuses on Integrity. So, if you follow us closely, and we know you do, you’re already well versed in the way we describe Integrity. Integrity means “doing the right thing.” So, you’re walking through the lobby, and you find something of value (money, electronic, etc.) lying around – you bring it to the front desk and turn it in so that we can try to find the rightful owner. You overhear a couple of athletes talking negatively about a teammate, you politely interject and redirect the conversation to one of positivity… that kind of thing. But when you add the word “always,” well, then things just got real.

Integrity Always means doing the right thing…All. The. Time. Whether there’s an audience to see you pick up that $20 or not. Whether there’s no one but you and the two talkers in the room. It means doing the right thing because it’s the right thing to do, not because someone will recognize you as a good person, leader, friend because of it.

It’s not always easy, but it’s certainly always worth it.

As we’ve worked to dive into the values that best represent the heart of Adrenaline, Integrity always falls right in the middle, because honestly, it’s at the core of what we do. We’re dedicated to ensuring that we lead by example, engage in straight talk with athletes, parents, and staff members, and bring out the best in those we interact with, so they and we become better members of communities everywhere. We simply couldn’t hold true to those efforts without walking the walk. We hold ourselves accountable to this commitment.

So, as you observe your child’s ninja class, interact with a coach, or engage in conversation with fellow parents, athletes, or others about your experience with Adrenaline Athletics, we challenge you to follow suit. Integrity Always leaves people with a feeling of optimism and confidence – and who doesn’t want that! When we lay our heads down at the end of the night, don’t we all want to be able to drift off to dreamland, knowing we made the world a better place that day? I’m confident you just nodded your head! #joinus in our commitment to act with Integrity Always!